Yoga for Trees


participatory sculpture and performance by Nick Rodrigues with music by Sofia Arreguin components: found tree, painted steel, PA system,various pneumatic cylinders and controllers,air, participants.

Original installation dimension: 40 x 120  x 16 feet (12 x 36 x 4.8 meters)

Installation view: Tongva Park, Santa Monica, California  

May 13, 2017

Client: Santa Monica Cultural Affairs

Budget: inquire by email

Status: inquire about availability

In this performance an animatronic tree leads a series of breath and movement classes to the rest of the trees in the park. Humans are invited to join the event and attempt to briefly experience of the park from the perspective of a tree.  

This work was co-produced by the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division and Dyson & Womack.


Yoga For TreesPerformance,Sculpture,Interactive

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